Engine Oil Multigrade RI4 15W-40 (5L)


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Sasol Engine Oil Multigrade RI4 15W-40 is a multigrade oil designed and suitable for heavy-duty, internal combustion engine oil formulated from quality base stocks and additives.

Sasol Engine Oil Multigrade RI4 15W-40 is intended for all naturally aspirated and turbocharged petrol and diesel engines for on and off-highway applications. It offers high levels of engine wear protection in the critical areas of the valve train, piston ring, and cylinder liners. The enhanced detergency and dispersancy of Sasol Engine Oil Multigrade RI4 15W-40 prevents the formation of harmful deposits in the areas of the engine, including sludge and piston deposits. The optimized detergent and dispersant additive system keeps engines cleaner than previous generation oils.

Features & Benefits:
Sasol Engine Oil Multigrade RI4 15W-40 has the following features and benefits:
– Excellent deposit control
– Excellent acid and corrosion control
– Reduced engine wear
– Good with low emission engines
– Good fuel saving properties


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