Engine Oil Synthetic M 5W-40 (5L)


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Sasol Engine Oil Synthetic M 5W-40 is a fully synthetic, API SM/CF, multigrade engine oil that has been evaluated and proved under the severest conditions imaginable. It is suitable for use in racing engines and other high-performance engines.

Sasol Engine Oil Synthetic M 5W-40 is intended for all high-performance, naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines, even under off-road rally and race track conditions. The enhanced detergency and dispersancy of Sasol Engine Oil Synthetic M 5W-40 enables it to remove pre-existing sludge and other deposits from engines that have operated on other oils. An early oil and filter change is therefore recommended for the initial fill when switching to this oil.

Features & Benefits:
Sasol Engine Oil Synthetic M 5W-40 exceeds all existing passenger car engine oil requirements with enhanced features such as:
– Higher oxidation and temperature stability
– Longer drain interval capabilities
– Lower volatility which reduces oil consumption
– Better fuel consumption and reduced wear during warm-up
– Outstanding engine cleanliness due to improved high and low temperature dispersancy and detergency

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