Engine Oil Multigrade H4 15W-40 (20L)


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Sasol Engine Oil Multigrade H4 15W-40 is a super high-performance multigrade diesel, and petrol engine oil with high-quality mineral base stocks and specially developed additives.

Sasol Engine Oil Multigrade H4 15W-40 is intended for all naturally aspirated and turbo-charged petrol and diesel engines operating under the API service conditions below.

The oil can also be used as a gear lubricant for manual transmissions that do not require extreme pressure oils. The enhanced detergency and dispersancy of Sasol Engine Oil Multigrade H4 15W-40 enables it to remove pre-existing sludge and other deposits from engines that have operated on other oils. An early oil and filter change is therefore recommended for the initial fill when switching to this oil.

The superior lubricating properties of Sasol Engine Oil Multigrade H4 15W-40 can retard the bedding-in of new components and it is not recommended for use during the running-in phase of new or rebuilt engines.

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