Antifreeze / Coolant Premix 40 (20L)


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Sasol Coolant Premix 40 is a premium quality, premixed antifreeze, and cooling system protector and contains several selected corrosion inhibitors in a monoethylene glycol and de-ionised water base. No premixing is required which alleviates the potential for mixing errors and the use of poor quality water is avoided. It ensures optimum protection of all the metallic, rubber, and plastic parts that are in contact with the engine coolant.

Sasol Coolant Premix 40 is green in colour.

Sasol Coolant Premix 40 is recommended as a year-round cooling system additive for all water-cooled internal combustion engines. It offers protection against:
– damage as a result of coolant freezing during inclement weather
– corrosion of the radiator, engine and other component surfaces exposed to the coolant
– deposit formation that occurs when poor quality water is used, as Sasol Coolant Premix 40 is premixed with treated water

Features & Benefits:
It is recommended that the antifreeze in a cooling system be replaced annually. Before a cooling system is filled with Sasol Coolant Premix 40 it should be drained and thoroughly flushed with clean water. Do not top up with plain water but use Sasol Coolant Premix 40. DO NOT MIX DIFFERENT BRANDS OF ANTIFREEZE.

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