Brake Fluid Dot 4 (500ml)


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Sasol Brake Fluid DOT 4 complies with the National Compulsory Standard Specification for Hydraulic Brake Fluids.

  • Brand: Sasol Techno Oil™
  • Available Pack Sizes: 500ml, 20L
  • Specifications: (Govt. Gazette 4562, 128 (1975) & 461); (ISO 4925); (SANS 1905); (SAE J1703, J1704); (U.S. Federal FMVSS No. 116 DOT 4)

– The DOT 4 product is intended for systems where operating temperatures can rise above 260°C but will not exceed 270°C.
– The grade number allocated to this product reflects the maximum permissible operating temperature.
– This grade is a heavy-duty product and is equally suitable for hydraulic clutch systems where operating temperatures are generally below those in brake systems.

Features & Benefits:
– Sasol Brake Fluid DOT 4 is not a mineral oil, but somewhat toxic hydraulic fluids blended from glycols and selected additives. Skin and eye contact should be avoided. If swallowed obtain medical assistance. Avoid spillage onto vehicle paintwork which can be damaged if left in contact with the product.
– The fluid is fully compatible with the natural rubber seals of automotive brake systems.
– The product is hygroscopic (absorbs water) and should be replaced annually, especially in coastal areas, to prevent rusting of components and possible brake failure due to water vapour in the system. Containers must be kept tightly sealed.

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