Air Compressor Oil 68P (20L)


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Sasol’s Air Compressor Oil 68P is a premium quality oil that has excellent anti-oxidant, anti-rust, and anti-wear properties.

  • Brand: Sasol Techno Oil™

  • Available Pack Sizes: 20L, 210L

  • Viscosity: 68

  • Specifications: (Atlas Copco ECB 573/8); (DIN 51506 VC-L & VD-L); (DIN 51524 Part 2 & 51517 Part 3); (SEB 181.222 & 181.226); (Svensk Standard SS 155434); (U.S. Steel 127, 136 & 224)

Sasol’s Air Compressor Oil 68P is intended for cylinder and crankcase lubrication of fixed and mobile reciprocating (piston type) air compressors with air discharge temperatures of up to 200°C. It can also be used in certain rotary compressors operating under conditions that require this type of oil.

Features & Benefits:
Sasol Air Compressor Oil 68P has:
– Low carbon forming tendencies which reduces the risk of compressor fires and explosions.
– Low volatilities which qualifies the oil to be used in vacuum pumps.
– Ashless properties which reduces deposit formation

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