Engine Oil 2-Stroke (500ml)


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Sasol Engine Oil 2-Stroke is a specially formulated, self-mixing 2-stroke engine oil that has low ash-forming properties to prevent plug fouling, piston deposits, ring sticking, and exhaust deposits. The oil gives superior detergency, dispersancy, and lubricity in two-stroke cycle engine lubricant applications.

Because of its excellent thermal stability, Sasol Engine Oil 2-Stroke is particularly recommended for high-temperature applications such as high-output, air-cooled engines. Sasol Engine Oil 2-Stroke is suitable for use in 2-stroke engines of
– all motorcycles, mopeds and scooters
– chain saws
– lawn mowers
– generators
that are lubricated either by autolube systems or petroil mixtures.

Sasol Engine Oil 2-Stroke is NOT intended for outboard motors.

Features & Benefits:
The engine manufacturer’s recommendations must be adhered to when preparing petroil mixtures. Sasol Engine Oil 2-Stroke is dyed green for ease of identification when added to fuels. To indicate whether it is pure petrol or a mixture, the mixture is green and not red, orange or yellow.

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